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How many times do you think a bleeding person who got  injured at his throat vein has a chance to die until the ambulance arrives in 15 minutes in accordance with European standards?

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First-Aid Programme at Places of Work


We often do not even believe that it can happen to us what we think to happen only with others. If one of your employees becomes sick or suffers a small or a serious accident, is there a trained first-aid personnel in your workplace who can help the injured person until the ambulance arrives, who can even save lives by doing the practised sequence of actions?

The anwers often goes like this:
The factory medical consultant will solve the problem!
But he is not in all the time, usually he has a couple of consulting hours  on one day during the week.

Who can you turn to if something like this happens in your workplace?!

With the help of our first-aid programme, taught by experienced trainers your colleagues/employees will learn all those essential steps, sequence of actions which are vital to perform until the ambulance arrives.

Taking into consideration of the specific features of the different workplaces [mechanism of accidents, damages caused by dangerous materials…], the syllabus of the training is built up by moduls, which gives us the possibility to change it freely.

According to the Order given by the Ministry of Health 15/1972.VIII., modified by the Act of XCIII. in 1993 each employer has to have employees well-trained in first-aid. Due to the presence of first-aid personnels at workplaces the growth rate of health loss is reducible in case of sickness or accidents!

With this, you comply the requirements stated by the Act and with the help of your well-trained employees you can even


Red Cross In the case of trainings held outside of our premises, we arrange the time and place of the trainings according to your needs, in this way trying to avoid being away from work longer than it is needed.
Red Cross The first-aid training focuses on practical issues, the topics are chosen according to the needs of the certain workplace.
Red Cross The trainings are held exclusively by experienced ambulance doctors, doctors and first-aid trainers.
Red Cross The material of the training is given to the trainees for free.
Red Cross We issue certification of the trainig on theory and practice in compliance with the relevant acts, also accepted by OMMF.

We try to achieve what is thought to be impossible by many:
we not only teach, but we also change people’s view.


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First-Aid Programme at Places of Work

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